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When you don't manage the Business of your Relationship, it will strangle the lust that brought you together and kills any love that may have been growing between you!

Gentlemen if you're done settling and desire to be and have all you deserve...

Where did this whole "Business of Relationshipz™" idea come from...

Like many inspirations in our lives - my evidence of ideas is that they are bestowed upon us all throughout our journey. I have learned my most current ideas are usually in some fashion connected to a seed of inspiration planted along the way.

My grandmother shared with me this: we all receive great ideas and that if we didn't hold, cherish and manifest the idea, the infinite wisdom of the universe would pass that idea onto another. Have you ever seen a 'New" ??? and said hmmm... I remember thinking about that years ago - Now here it is, by someone else!  

So yes, the seed for the Business of Relationships" was planted many years ago. It was given to me while in the early stages of my second 9-year relationship experience. (I actually began writing then - one day I will find the manuscript in my warehouse when I decide to go through that 10 years+ period of my life)  

Incidentally, the inspiration was called the Business of Marriage™ ...creating a profitable love affair.

My (at that time) current experience was asked by her 80 something year old patient why since she was 29, beautiful, an RN, home owner, new car bought for cash - why she wasn't married? Her answer was that her current boyfriend (me) said that Marriage was a business and that we could remain an item forever, loyal in love, but to be married meant she too would have to be in business and currently she had no business experience, just lust and a little love.

She was pissed to say the least but when she shared the details of my view with the woman, who incidentally had been "married" for over 60 years said; "I don't know your boyfriend, but I am telling you he knows what the hell he is talking about" 

Of course I loved having her repeat that story to her family members and others who questioned my values, design, foundation and direction for our relationship.

Man or woman reading this; how many times have you been questioned and felt uneasy having to explain your relationship to self, family, associates or friends?

WOW how things have changed ... but many things as I recall from that spark of time, remain the same!

I further recall many times since then (it was around 1995) sharing excerpts from the concept or theory and people saying where is the book? I want to read it, and although I was flattered, I had yet to receive the green light to actually follow my spirit and write it for others to enjoy. That is up until 2017 while living part time in the "City of Eternal Spring", Medellin Colombia with my current Relationshipz™ Business.

This brings to mind a very important principle of decision making that has been beneficial to me in all areas of my life and is very helpful especially in the initial evaluation of a new Business idea or Relationship.

By the way both business scenarios, a new company or a new person that I am inclined to consider or I meet for any reason, all go through a parallel process.

Later on this theory, for now lets look at my decision formula to accept or deny either type business into or out of my world. Try it, you may like the results.    

I believed for many years decisions about anything were similar to a GO design? Remember the 3 lights Red, Amber in middle and Green. Pay attention it is a GO light, It gives us lawful permission to proceed thru an intersection with a semblance of organization verse chaos.

I stress the point of a GO light  to emphasize a principle of open-mindedness that I encourage with you when reading Boardroom Before Bedroom™   

This principle is simple but sometimes difficult for many people. Apple computers trademarked the concept "Think Different" - I am suggesting, Embrace Different™. 

And decision making for the majority of my life was like just the GO light. GREEN Yes, RED No and AMBER Not Now. I, in recent past, received the BLACK light answer: Are you out of your Fricking Mind? These simple answers serve all business decisions 111% of the time - all that we must do is just relax and listen to your spirit.

The real question to be answered is do you harmoniously  share ownership in the Business of your Relationship? Do you control it, or does it own you or worse case scenario, have you been nothing more than hired help, kidnapper or a hostage?

In BBB I will attempt to impart multitudes of wisdom for your understanding and peace.

ADULT ADVISORY: I am here to hopefully inspire and intrigue with my received life and relationship experience. It is imperative to accept that if your current, solo or shared with another, life involves regular or frequent chemical additives for relaxation, anxiety or perceived intimacy and/or fun, most likely the wisdom contained within will have minimal effectiveness in improving your life to the level you deserve... ie: alcohol and/or other street or prescribed mind altering drugs subtract from - not add to.  

Somewhere along the way i learned that if I stopped chasing life - Life would find me and I would have more time to enjoy it!


First I would like to thank my mother, grandma's, aunt's, sister, sister's friends, and some just who were justfriends: Terry, Kim, Libby, Susan, 5 Kathy's, Tracy, Barbara, Maria, Diane, Rose, Jeanette,  Carina, Meyling, Yaned, Mary Luz, Osmary, Jasmine, Stephanie and Daniella.

Yes I remember most all the girls I have dated and most of them I never even kissed until I was with them for many months - the most recent was 6 months in the boardroom before the kiss. (I don't just talk about it, I live it)

This is a partial list of partners who have been a slice of my relationships experience. (Most more than 1 year and max 9 years with 1 formal marriage, except Terry, she was my first kiss in second grade) My appreciation, love and apologies go out to the not remembered names. (I can recall some faces but the sad truth is not names)

This is not to be boastful but to instead expose unconscious, in the bedroom within a week, relationship experiences for which I am not alone nor do I have a monopoly on this carefree unconscious lifestyle either. Maybe you know someone like this?

It is interesting that the partners I never spent time in the boardroom with never lasted very long and many, short lived, I can't even recall their names, Kinda of sad when you really evaluate it.

Relating to men that have touched me for sure most men have shown me what not to do and I will be forever thankful to them for this.

What I do embrace from these men are pearls of wisdom that I will proudly share in various episodes.


Please understand I do not profess to have all the relationship answers. However what I do believe I possess is ship loads worth of experience derived from my own personal 30 years of conscious relationship adventures as well as thousands of other persons I have coached and their living stories. 

I have a simple conclusion, I know what for sure doesn't work!

This is my desire, intention and motivation for writing this book. I invite you to simply enjoy the journey of discovery as I have received and allow your own spirit to decide. I have absolutely no "should do's" or "shouldn't do's... I am only hopeful you have fun reading and that something becomes an element of your own personal embrace for you past understanding. More importantly you will obtain Business of Relationshipz™ pleasure and prosperity in your immediate future.

Keep in mind if you are currently in a relationship, yes, with some conscious and open communication you can restore and rebuild this relationship in the boardroom. This process is similar to finding a historic home. You collectively must decide if it is feasible because it will require much work! Sometimes it may not be appropriate but the boardroom can determine this. Remember the bedroom has never restored the business of  a relationship back to effortless harmony and prosperity. Good luck! 

Side note: I do not believe in LUCK per-say, but I do like the letters and their meaning or acronym: Labor - Under - Correct - Knowledge... and the world around you will call it luck!

I do have 2 requests and they're simple, #1 If any part of my experience and sharing touches you, that you kindly would share it with someone valuable to you. # 2 If in fact you are in total disagreement or appalled by "Boardroom Before Bedroom" then I encourage and implore you to write a book and let me know when you're finished so I could read your inspiration with an open mind and spirit. I am always looking to improve my journey and enhance my experience.


Let's talk about what you did, what happened and where is it today?

Of course we can repeat histories teachings and say we learn everything about relationships from our own family experiences. Yes this sadly for the most part is 100% correct.

The challenge with this evidence is for the majority of it it is dysfunctional and should never be passed on to the next generation. Not judging, I am just saying.

We can also resort to discussing the relationship stuff we are exposed to from a very young age, ie: fairy tales. Have you every stop to think about what happen after the prince found the girl for the glass slipper? How about the maiden being rescued from the castle? What happens in 3 - 6 - 9 months later? It is ironic that I do not recall ever being exposed on TV or the Big Screen to any relationships with true sustainability or substance beyond the romance. Yes, I know, but they feel so good right, but in real life it leaves a true void and disconnect with reality?


If you were inspired Please share it with us. In advance we appreciate you!

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